Free Chapel exists to reach people with the message of Jesus and help those who need it most.

Let's take a look at what God has done through Free Chapel this past year.

Local and Global Reach

Our reach is expanding across the state, country, and world.

  • Our messages have been heard in-person, online and on television over 47 million times, across the U.S. and in over 200 countries!
  • We purchased a permanent home for Free Chapel Midtown in the heart of Atlanta! Visit our new location here.
  • Conducted multiple food outreaches, recovery programs and organized hundreds of volunteer serve teams.

Our Heart for Haiti

Over the past decade, Free Chapel's heart for Haiti has brought tremendous impact to the nation.

  • We have provided 32 million of meals to the impoverished nation over the last 10 years.
  • After a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the country, Free Chapel sent an additional $100,000 of support.
  • Recently, 1,300 Free Chapel volunteers packed over 272,000 meals to send to our 300,000 square-foot food distribution center.
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We are committed to partnering and protecting God's people.

  • We constructed Kingdom Playschool, a new school for children that doubles as a fortified bomb shelter.
  • As over 4,000 rockets have been shot into Israel over the last year, we have funded an additional 4 fortified bomb shelters for families in the area.

Free Chapel Preschool

Providing a safe and Christ-centered educational environment.

  • Our new facility is state of the art, with new equipment and resources located in Orange County, California and Braselton and Gainesville in Georgia.
  • Our highly qualified staff are credentialed with degrees in education and child care.
  • Preschools in Spartanburg and Gwinnett are planned.
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Now, let's look to the future.

Israel Outreach

In the past year, over 4,425 rockets have been fired at this area in the nation of Israel. When these attacks are launched, they cause massive fires that threaten lives, damage homes and businesses and also burn through large areas of crops and farmland.

  • We are building new fire stations and providing new fire trucks, as well as furnishing new firefighter equipment.

Free Chapel Prison Campus

For years our serve teams has ministered in local jails. And now, we have an opportunity to reach thousands more in the federal prison system.

  • We are partnering with God Behind Bars to begin a brand new Free Chapel campus in a federal prison in Georgia.
  • We will bring in state of the art projection and sound equipment and have serve teams lead men and women into growing relationships with God.

Free Chapel Counseling

Let's heal hearts together.

  • Our counseling center began in 2000 and has provided free care for thousands of people in need.
  • With mental health issues on the rise, it is our goal to expand our counseling center — adding addiction and recovery specialists at a time when alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts are at an all time high.

Stork Busses

Saving lives of mothers and unborn babies.

  • Providing pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, testing at no cost.
  • As a pro-life church, the stork bus will save the lives of mothers and their unborn babies.
  • Will purchase a mobile vehicle and provide medical staff to give care through the entire process, even after the baby is born.

I love Free Chapel and the amazing job they do to give back to the community! It means so much to so many people. Thank you!

Victoria Heyward, Free Chapel Gainesville member